2 wheel balancing vehicle restoration

This day in 2009, 7 years ago, I started building a 2 wheeled monstrosity and finished it 6 months later.


It has been enjoying a peaceful retirement but now it’s time to bring it back to life.

First step is to bring the electronics back to life. The original ran from an old Arduino and my plan is to attempt to reuse it. If not, time for a Teensy.

I’d also like to come up with a new removable steering mechanism as the original, a potentiometer mounted at the top of a rigid piece of wood, was a little basic and often led to people spinning out of control on the spot…

The aim of the restoration is to make it easy to switch between human and automated operation, allowing the removal of the steering mechanism and adding mounting points for laptops, embedded devices and sensors.

To do:

  • Get electronics working.
  • Removable & intuitive steering mechanism.
  • Fully encase the bottom for off-road use.
  • Wireless remote control/override.
  • Telemetry (motor power & battery voltage/SoC).
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The YouTube channel Great Scott is doing a powered skateboard where he uses
a modified numchuck for control. Would that work here for steering?