17/01/2017 Open Session

@gingebot and I are here now! Come join us for another open session :slight_smile:

Last night we:

  • Took our time installing Linux (me)
  • Played with Docker and an access system test bed (@gingebot)
  • Tweaked and fettled a 3d printer (@stochastic_forest)
  • Successfully turned steel on the micro lathe with great accuracy (@Takumo)
  • Came close to making a sumo robot sentient (@Folknology)
  • Had Burger King (the majority)…
  • and a good time (me, and hopefully all!) :slight_smile:
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Do we need to add a “no sentient robots” and a “no nanorobotics” rule to the list?

Beep boop. :robot:

I mean, no…