14/02/2017 - Open Session

Originally published at: https://www.shmakerspace.org/2017/02/13/14022017-open-session/

Open Session Tomorrow! Don’t forget our regular open session will be on tomorrow from 6pm onwards! Come join us at the Makerspace whether you’re a member working on a project or a visitor coming to say hi. Where to Find Us First time visiting the Space? See our page here on location, parking and public transport for more…

Is anyone thinking of coming to this today ? :slight_smile:

I am thinking of it, @takumo is planning on coming I believe!

A big thanks to @AndrewPatience and @Takumo for helping to get the filament spool holder in place and cables run so the 3d printer can migrate to the storage unit and to @AndrewPatience for reorganising the other storage unit to better accommodate the members’ storage boxes.

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