£100/Best Offer for 16GB iPhone 6S - First Dibs for Makerspace Peeps

Hi everyone - anyone looking for an oldie but goodie iPhone 6S? Just got a sweet deal on an upgrade so I need to know ASAP if anyone’s interested in my old phone before I put it on eBay. It’s rose gold and comes with a box and lightning charger cable.

Only issues:
Back looks mildly dented, but it came like that and works fine.
Sometimes the apps ‘blink’, but I haven’t had an issue using them.
Lens protector glass has a couple of hairline cracks going across, but I’ve been taking pictures with this phone for ages without any problems in quality.
It’ll need a new screen protector as the old one has done a great job protecting the screen so needs to be removed.

Hope that appeals to somebody; very eager to do a deal and not go through EBay faff. Please respond by this weekend if you’re interested.