1 week to turn cabinet leg challenge 😅

Dear maker peeps
It’s here, my dream craft cabinet, minus a foot! There is actually a curve to the foot, so I don’t know how complicated it’s going to be to mirror the other one at the front, but I hope I can find some oak and make one to match within a week because the floor guy is going to need to move it without breaking it towards the end of this month. I take it the remnants of the broken foot can be removed with a chisel…anyone up to showing me some carpentry soon? Help is much appreciated

Nice cabinet! I’m wondering if the feet at the rear are the same as the one(s) at the front ?
Might be an approach to move a back leg to the front and fashion a less exact, but functional, replica to replace the back leg.

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@Heather I think your first step is to take as many photos of the ‘bad’ leg and a good one from different angles as possible :slight_smile:
It would be good to understand how it’s fixed. My guess would be it’s a glued mortice and tenon joint based on our other chats, which might mean @stochastic_forest’s great suggestion might not work.

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Sorry, Matt - it seems my post never appeared on the forum :confused: I managed to get two tickets for you & Angela on the first round, so if you could send £280 to giftgurumail@gmail.com via the friends & family option on PayPal (to avoid a charge), assuming you haven’t procured tickets yourself, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you :blush:

HI @Heather , you have mail.