07/02/2017 - Open Session

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Open Session Tomorrow! Don’t forget our regular open session will be on tomorrow from 6pm onwards! Come join us at the Makerspace whether you’re a member working on a project or a visitor coming to say hi. Where to Find Us First time visiting the Space? See our page here on location, parking and public transport for more…

I’ll be going tonight, hopefully working on a ‘slinky antenna’ as well as working with Node-RED for some interesting hardware stuff. :slight_smile:

I’ve got some laser cutting tasks to do tonight, and might finally discuss furance building…

So sadly my slinkies didn’t arrive, so I busied myself with Node-RED instead. If you haven’t looked at it, I definitely recommend it - it’s a really nice framework for any of your IoT projects. I’m hoping we can set up a Node-RED framework for the space, including it’s access control system.
For example, last night I tweeted with the @sh_makerspace twitter and could get an LED to light up. Small beginnings, but very cool :slight_smile:

@gingebot was working on his laser cut SHM lightbox, adding an Arduino Nano to it for controlling the LEDs.

@Takumo showed up and laser cut some angle guides for the bench grinder. @stochastic_forest, as always it seems, was making some upgrades to the 3D printer - adding a replacement X-axis gear, and stopping the belt from constantly falling off.