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Tech Evening at Basingstoke Discovery Centre (Call for displays)

(Eric Rowen) #21

(Hope this gets to you, direct in the forum, the Email attempt bounced)

NP we too are occupied with a whole bunch of stuff trying to get ourselves a home, grants etc.

One aspect we have to sort to keep the library happy is electrical checking, ideally PAT testing, and for this we have one of our directors with both the training and the kit. We have been told that a “qualified person” (I must check the actual words) can do the checking, either way we need to keep the library happy with what is quite a reasonable request, as it is an event for the public.

I will make some further enquiries with the library as to which testing is acceptable to them, also as to when we can do the testing. We have at least two people who should be classed as “qualified” other then the PAT testing person, you may also have the same. I guess 13 amp extension leads which you may bring must be included in the testing.

We have special dispensation for at least one item (A full size Dalek ! ) to arrive early, i.e. before the day of the event, for this to be stored in the basement and them moved up in the lift (sadly it can’t climb stairs!)

I’m certain this storage could be extended to other equipment if you would like to bring any kit earlier than the actual day.

The challenge we have is that we only have thirty minutes to move kit either from the basement or a room in the library to where it will be displayed. It is possible we can move kit from the basement to a room in the library on the same floor as the displays a few hours before it starts (at 7pm) and then simply move it out onto the floor at around 6.30 pm.

Some form of setup/testing will be possible in the room during the afternoon, there is a one hour meeting in the room during the afternoon, other than that it is free for us to use.

I will check if we can start to setup the tables a little earlier, and when Kevin the PAT testing person is available.

I will also fill in the spreadsheet with the relevant details.

(Claire Lonsdale) #22

Anything I’m bring will have already been PAT tested (including multiple extension leads)

(Eric Rowen) #23

I put together some notes for Newbury on how we are getting kit into the library, this depends mostly on if you will hand carry it or if it’s heavy and you want to deliver it before the 18th or on the 18th during the day.

Equipment can be brought to the basement of the library on the day (preferably well before 1830) or a few days before.

Let me know in advance if you can what you will be doing, i.e just bringing kit on the day.

Kit stored in the basement can be moved during the day of the event to the community room, or delivered to the community room direct during the day. At 1830 when the library closes we have 30 minutes to move the kit to the display area, setup tables etc. ready for the public shortly after 1900.

The arrangement for the loading bay is…

  1. Collect the magnetic sign from the library
  2. Drive round to loading bay and attach sign to car
  3. Stop at entrance and speak to attendant via intercom
  4. Drive to library loading bay
  5. Unload and leave kit (cars can only be left for 15 to twenty minutes at the bay)
  6. Drive back to nearest car park and walk to library and return magnetic sign
  7. Move kit into basement area (needs access codes)
  8. If necessary move kit to lift (lift from this level needs access codes)
  9. Take lift up two floors (there may be others needing the lift to from 1830 to 1900)
  10. Move from lift into library area

If we allow five to ten minutes for each of the above, ten is more likely and assuming everything goes right first time, we have 50 to 100 minutes. With a few delays it could be two hours from arrival to being in the library.

Complications could be when the loading bay area is open and when library staff are available on other days, other than the event day that is.

(Claire Lonsdale) #24

Thanks for the info!
Mine and Julian’s stuff can fortunately be carried in easily in a few small bags, which makes life a bit easier in terms of loading kit in.

I doubt we’d be able to be there “well before 18:30” though. 18:30 or a little after, maybe (simply because of when I finish work, and then travelling to Basingstoke in rush hour traffic straight after!)

Will do our best (especially since our stuff has a fairly quick setup time) and see you on the day.


(Eric Rowen) #25

Not sure how well you know Basingstoke and the route to the Discovery Centre which is just inside one of the entrances to the shopping complex.

There are two possible car parks within three/five minutes walk of the library, one at Joices Yard (small) and one behind the Red Lion Pub (Central Short Stay Car Park which is larger)

(Both routes assume you are on M3 travelling away from London toward Southampton)

The ring road route may not be too busy and is simpler and more direct…

Off M3 J6 2nd exit
Down to “through-about” (was Black Dam Roundabout) and left onto A30
A30 to Hackwood Road Roundabout
Take 3rd exit onto Hackwood Road
Left onto New Road
Follow New Road (get in and stay in right lane) round to the right and traffic lights
Cross lights and immediately right into Joices Yard

Discovery Centre is through arch at bottom of car park on right and into shopping centre.


There is a slightly longer convoluted route to the Central park on this route there is little traffic.

M3 exit at J6 2nd exit
Down to “through-about” (was Black Dam Roundabout) and left onto A30
First left and left again over bridge you just came under (this is about half way to the Hackwood Roundabout mentioned above)
Turn right and carry on past Crowne Plaza Hotel on your left
1st Left at Roundabout and continue down London Road towards Basingstoke town centre
Right into Eastrop Lane (Don’t go to lights 75m further on, if you do you are almost on the New Road route above)
Left into Goat Lane
Immediately left into Chequers Road and immediately right along Chequers Road
Left and into the right lane across the pedestrian crossing and IMMEDIATELY right (road at the back of the Red Lion)
Second right into the Central Car Park


(Eric Rowen) #26

Apologies as this is late in the day, but if you have some info to put on a display board A3 or A2 size then we can do this for you.

Like the SHM logo at the top, a photo of a piece of kit and brief words.

Sending the words and one or two attachments in an Email is fine, we will sort the actual arrangement on the board.

(Eric Rowen) #27

Apparently we may have purloined some video clips to use as an intro to the evening, these I think were given to us to play on our web page.

The person creating the intro was informed that it was ok to use the video but I’m not sure anyone contacted you for permission for which I apologise

As far as I know any credits to specific spaces remain in the clips used.

(Matt) #28

No problem, that’s fine by us :slight_smile:

(Andrew Patience) #29

(Claire Lonsdale) #30

More pictures on Flickr