Space printer

Probably one for our certified loft-monkey @AndrewPatience - do we have any kind of boring 2d printer in the space?
Just thinking it would be useful to occasionally print designs out. I have some metalwork to do on Friday and would like to make a stick-on template to help me make the design.

Saying that, it would probably be just as easy to laser cut the paper!

Hi @Jagmills, Not sure if we do and if we have i would not trust it to work (at least without new ink).

If it helps I can bring my home on in (it’s colour laser).

I believe we have also had offers of 2d printers, @florian may be able to help. We might have to reduce our number of 3D printers to make space.

I still have the printer that I have offered to bring in before. I can get it dwon from my loft and briing it in on Friday (yes, I should make it again this week). We can then see if that is a suitable solution…