Second Sunday MakerSpace Meetup

As part of the initiative to use the MakerSpace at the Boileroom more effectively, this weekend is the first opportunity for a Second Sunday of the month meetup at the space.

This would be an opportunity to get together and exchange ideas, check out the new laser cutter upgrades and have a warm cup of tea or other choice of beverage. Did someone say cake ?

I’d propose a rough time slot of 3-5pm on the 11th Dec, but that’s flexible is people would like to come earlier or stay later.


That sounds good, see you tomorrow!

I think the bandsaw needed its alignment checked, so I’ll probably try to take a quick look at that as well as working on a couple of other projects.

Excellent, I have a uninterruptable power supply that could do with some TLC and LED bulbs !

We’re here, and have been for a bit :slight_smile: who else is coming along?

Hello! Thank you for organizing the meetup at the MakerSpace. I was wondering if you could let us know when the next Sunday meeting in January will be and if you will be posting it in the forum. I’m really looking forward to getting together and exchanging ideas, as well as checking out the new laser cutter upgrades. Thank you in advance for your response.

There’s an event on Meetup for Sunday, 3pm-5pm

Planning to come along and chat about a workshop for the 22nd. Look forward to seeing all who can make it.

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Exciting prospect, look forward to hearing about this afternoon!

Lovely to see everyone!