Respond by OCTOBER 25th!🎄It’s beginning to look a lot like Cosy Club

Show of hands please!:raised_back_of_hand:
Whose up for a Christmas do at the Cosy Club in Tunsgate Quarter, Guildford on Friday 20th December 6:45 - 9:15? They happened to have it free for more or less than 12 people so I just reserved it in case it went to someone else. £28.95 for a 3-course Christmas dinner and it’s DAMN TASTY :yum:

Please declare any +1s, too

Otherwise let me know if a Tuesday would suit you; it’s £10 towards your meal if you reserve it in the coming weeks.

Sound good? Yay or Nay🎄

Sounds good to me, 20th Dec is ok in my diary (though suspect we wouldn’t be able to get there quite as early as 6:45).
If it needs to be a Tues, not 3rd or 10th Dec, please.

Noted. Thanks Claire

That date is good for me (in fact any date is at this moment no one else has decided on a date yet).
Thank you for organising.

Great Andrew, and it’s my pleasure. Let’s see who else is happy with that Friday

I would be up for this. Should be free most days/times.

I’m in for Friday 20th!

Great, Matt. Can everyone let me know if they’re bringing +1s?

That’s good news.

Julian can also make this :slight_smile:

I’m able to make it! Will be a good opportunity to catch up :slightly_smiling_face: