Pocket Electronics Utility Tool

At this point in time, this is merely an idea in my head that I wanted to start a project log for to ensure that I don’t lose any ideas I have along the way.

So, tentatively;

  • Handheld device, the size of a smartphone (but thicker). (Inspiration: DSO Nano)
  • 2 Analog Inputs with 1MSPS rate
  • 2 Analog Outputs with 100KSPS rate and 1A drive capability
  • 4 100MHz Digital Inputs

Possible components:


  • AD7322
    (1 MSPS, easy package, low pin count, bipolar input, allows for single-ended, true differential input, or pseudo-differential input which is perfect for field debugging of electrical signals)


I like this. I was looking at a DSO Nano a while back, but ended up not bothering.

I have found a product, reasonably priced, that implements this idea exactly the way I would have done it! Never mind…


So is that basically like a DSO, but you don’t use a screen you use your phone?
“Preorder” is a bit vague though.

One thing stands out to me though…

iOS (jailbroken)

Are they planning on addressing this? While it doesn’t affect me, it does mean that it will massively reduce the size of the user base within Mac/iOS.

Although according to their wiki article on the subject, Apple won’t let them get the device certified for their devices, because it’s also compatible with other devices :confounded:

I guess unless the community of this product can shout loud enough, or they produce a special “iOS only” version of the device (which will likely cost more as Apple will demand the design change considerably for this version), there won’t be a way to use this with iOS devices without Jailbreaking.

Still looks good though, and I hear @Folknology has one he’ll be bringing to the space.

Hopefully by combining analogue and ADC hardware, with the processing power of an ARM or x86 processor, they could get some really great performance. But currently that remains to be seen.

I want/need a signal generator. This sounds nice. Are you thinking of including a touchscreen or something? Or did you have in mind something like Bluetooth + a phone/tablet/computer app for the GUI?

On a side note, my SmartScope just shipped two days ago, apparently.

The SmartScope has a signal generator. The only reason to continue this project idea would be an integrated screen rather than external smartphone/tablet but that just seems a little counter-intuitive to me.