Mail Post -- Posting new topics via email!

This post was made via e-mail, how neat is that?

An you believe the reply too!?

It even supports markdown in e-mails. Hopefully this will cure the last
of the doubt from Google groups.

wow really this reply will appear under that same thread??

congrats !!!

Old habits die hard. i’m stuck in my ways and am replying via the browser interface.

What is this emailing a forum madness you talk about?

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This is a reply posted from the forum UI.

This is a reply posted from email.

Now all we need to do is implement face punching over port 80 =D

(This post was also submitted via email over the tubes - let’s see if this
works as expected)

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Wow, this is pretty cool. Great job!

Dare I ask, can I also create a thread by email as well?

Regards, Paul from his email

Yes, although the addresses will change soon so I’ll hold off, but this
topic and reply were done by email.

Only thing, the email post needs to be a minimum of 20 characters or it
will be bounced.

Yes, while it is optional, we should definitely discuss this, but the intention is to stop replies such as :+1: and “I like this”, rather than using the “like” feature.

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