Leather apron - neatsfoot

In my continued saga of making a leather work apron, I took delivery of a fairly massive jug of neatsfoot oil:
Supposedly, also suitable for massage. If that’s your thing, I recommend you don’t find out where it comes from :slight_smile:

My apron material is quite thick - 3mm or roundabouts - and it is rather inflexible. I didn’t really think about this before cutting it to shape, so as an attempt to make it more supple I am spending time applying the oil to it.

Hopefully it will work, we shall see! If not, I am not too fussed as the thick leather will come in handy for many other projects :slight_smile:

After doing a bit of research (total newbie here) I have a few other options:

  • Skiving the leather (slicing layers off of it). There’s a variety of traditional tools for this purpose, such as the aptly named skiving knife.
  • Supposedly sanding the back with sandpaper is a good method of removing material to “break the skins”