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Hi, I’m interested in joining a hack space and was wondering what projects you have worked on recently?

Hi #5318!

First of all, thanks for dropping in (and apologies for The Prisoner reference).

A few of us, myself included, have been working on delta 3D printers. In fact I’d argue we are quite a printer-centric group, but we have many other projects going on. Matt @stochastic_forest and others of our group have been working on the ‘Bring Me The Bacon’ challenge, a robotic tournament that you’ll find other threads about. My favourite part about their work so far is the navigation system, a webcam pointing at a magnetic compass, processed with openCV (computer vision) to determine bearing. Brilliant!

Other than that, here’s some words thrown at you of projects I’ve seen over the last few months:
turning, milling, CAD design, knitting, synthesisers and music, arduino, neopixels, LED cubes, artisinal pencil sharpening, vinyl cutter hacking, embedded development, computer game controllers, wood working, burger eating, kickstarter kits, web development, and many others.

What kind of things are you interested in?

Let us know if you fancy heading down one Thursday (or the first Sunday of every month) and we’d be happy to show you what we are up to.