Friday 7th April - is there a session

Just wondering if people will be at the Makerspace on Friday 7th April.
I’m planning to be there.
Would love if the Laser cutting training was available so I can trying to learn how to use it and start making things.

Also, what’s the situation with using Makerspace 3D printer and filament/
Would love to print the PiZero version of this.

Looks like 3 parts are needed:
Breadboard Clamp
Pi Tray

I know the files for the PiZero do not have the camera connector on them so I’ll either need to modify the file or attack the print with a sharp knife.

I’ll be there, so it will be open - and glad to give you my now-polished laser cutting induction :smiley: :laser:

Looks like fun, printer and printer filament are for grabs by any member. The space Prusa might need a bit of work soon however, but I think it’s currently serviceable at the moment!

The space 3D printer is functioning at the moment and there is plenty of filament as long as you like white :slight_smile:

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