Bike store

Hi all. I’ll probably be cycling for my next visit and wondered if I’d be ok to lock my bike in the patio or does it need to be outside on the street? Has the Boilerroom given any guidance?

That is a very good question! I haven’t seen anything on their website, so I will email the Boileroom and find out for you.

Will update it here :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,

Lydia says that you “are very welcome to lock up their bike in the garden, chained to the furniture in there. I would mention that we have had 3 bikes stolen from the garden over the years - so to be sure to chain it securely and even to take off one of the wheels to make it harder to steal. The garden is covered by CCTV - but just a heads up.” This is fine if there is an event on in the venue as well. They also have a bike rack that needs fitting which is on their list of jobs to do :slight_smile:

Cool. Thanks Chris that’s good to know.