Arduino IDE alternative

Those who have used the arduino IDE and have done a bit of coding before will know that the Arduino IDE is good at one thing; Being a very simple to use IDE which you can write some simple code and very quickly an simply get it uploaded to your target arduino device. It sucks at most other requirements for a decent IDE or the functionality is simply not there.

I want decent syntax highlighting, autocomplete, file management, code alignment, multiple window management and more, as well as being able to compile and upload my code. I also would prefer it to be open source.

I have been starting to use atom It’s github’s answer to an IDE and seems to be pretty good so far. It’s open source, it has all the features I want, it seems to have a vibrant ecosystem with plugins galore (I am looking forward to installing the vim plugin, so i don’t have to keep deleting :x and :w from my code :slight_smile: Those who use vim will know what i mean) and is also very configurable for those who want spend their time tweaking.

For the compilation and uploading of my code I have decided to use platformio. It looks to be a nice application to manage, compile and upload code for many targets; of course arduino and pleasing for the likes of @Macaba, @Jagmills and @Cylindric Teensy.

There is a simple platformio plugin for atom which then allows you to run platformio commands from within atom. It could do with a few more features, but it does the basics of compiling and uploading code.

This completes my move away from the arduino IDE, I hope for more to follow me :smile: