Bring Me The Bacon Group Builds Sub-group of Projects for proposed, ongoing, and completed group builds.
About the Projects category [Projects] (1)
Secret message leather knife/tool handle [Projects] (13)
Lathe to turn axle spindle for Cyclekarts [Projects] (5)
Escape Room Games [Projects] (7)
Axe and hatchet handle wood toughness [Projects] (3)
Remote Control Boat Build Log [Projects] (4)
Dome Node [Group Builds] (15)
Children's Leather working workshop for EMF camp [Projects] (15)
Raspberry Pi Based Sumo Bot [Projects] (4)
Sortimo T-Boxx review & project log [Projects] (6)
Keyring Material Selection [Projects] (12)
WANTED - Programmer to connect Cricket Scoring software to Electronic Scoreboard [Projects] (2)
Project Log: Stuart Models Progress Engine [Projects] (2)
Nerf machine gun [Projects] (2)
3D printer build for the new space [Projects] (8)
EMF 2018 Group Build [Group Builds] (2)
Operation Circuit [Group Builds] (1)
Seeking young coder to help build a business [Projects] (1)
It's curtains for you, bub [Group Builds] (6)
Robot Cat [Projects] (7)
Budget boiler automation [Projects] (1)
SHM Signage and EMF Camp 2018 [Group Builds] (1)
Group build - fancy coin sorter / money collection box [Group Builds] (1)
New Year's Resolution - get a ham license! ( 2 ) [Projects] (21)
Smartified Tux [Projects] (8)
My Hack a House Project [Projects] (3)
External Door Entry System ( 2 ) [Projects] (21)
Laser Z-axis Alignment Tool [Projects] (6)
Advice on wood cutting please [Projects] (7)
3D Scanning [Projects] (15)